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Press Release – Midland Railway – Butterley on television (03/02/2015)

The Midland Railway – Butterley is due to appear on television on Wednesday 11th February 2015.

As part of the “Great Antiques Map Of Britain” series antiques expert Tim Wonnacott will be visiting the railway to find out a bit more about the Midland Railway, some of the traffic it carried and what effect the railway had on the people it served.

The programme is due to be shown at 6.30 pm on BBC2 and was filmed from the newly opened footbridge at Swanwick Junction Station.

Alan Calladine said, “It was great to meet Tim Wonnacott and explain some of the history on display here at the Midland Railway - Butterley. He was fascinated to see what had been achieved especially with the creation of Swanwick Junction Station by bringing buildings here and re-erecting them into a brand new station.”

For further information please contact the railway.

Press Release – One off chance to ride behind diesel locomotive (03/02/2015)

The Midland Railway – Butterley is hoping to offer a remarkable opportunity to travel behind a recently restored diesel locomotive on Saturday 7th February.

Locomotive number 20 – 205 has been the subject of an extensive rebuild over the last year and has just been returned to traffic. This will be the first time that it has hauled trains in preservation and it will be going out onto the main line to earn its keep very soon.

It will be undertaking a test run this week and if successful will be hauling trains on Saturday 7th February. This will be a very limited chance to travel behind this machine before it starts duties on the main line.

The class dates back to 1957 and remarkably they are still to be seen on the main line, as well as carrying out duties on heritage railways throughout the country.

Alan Calladine said, “This is a great chance to travel behind this locomotive, it is not known when it will be hauling a passenger train again. We would warn intending passengers that this locomotive does not have train heating facilities so please wrap up warm.”

For further information please contact the railway.

Please note that the return to traffic of diesel locomotive number 20 205 has had to be delayed to Sunday 8th February 2015.

The Trust apologises for the change of date but is due to a delay in testing the locomotive.

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