Museum Display Changes

Volunteers at the Midland Railway – Butterley have been changing the displays in the Museum over the winter.

The changes have allowed two steam locomotives that are stored to be put on display. The two are the British Railways Class Five number 73129 and London Midland and Scottish Railway 3F Tank locomotive number 47327 in its guise as Somerset and Dorset Railway number 23.

The vintage carriages in the Museum have been moved around as well giving a different view for visitors. The special Dynamometer Car that was used for testing locomotives has been moved close to the platform so that visitors can see inside.

Regular visitors will be pleased that the popular items are still on display with favourites such as the 1866 Midland Railway locomotive, 2-4-0 no. 158A, on loan from the National Railway Museum, “Stanton no. 24” the Andrew Barclay crane tank locomotive, “Gladys” the Markham built locomotive that has never left Derbyshire, the Boots fireless engine and the original Pullman carriage are all still on show for visitors to enjoy.

Alan Calladine the Midland Railway Trust, Development Officer said, “The museum display had not been changed for several years and there was the chance to add more items into the display. This has enabled more items to be seen and a better view of some others created.”

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