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 Diesel Multiple Units

Historical diesel multiple units

In Service

Class 142 – 142011

142011 which was made in 1985 for British Rail with the frames being built by BREL at Derby and the body coming from Leyland Bus at Workington. These railbuses were intended to be cheap stopgap trains for local services but in the event lasted for more than 30 years.

Now repainted in 1980s Provincial blue livery this unit joined our railway three years ago from Northern Trains

Privately owned

Class 141 -141113

Now the only remaining operational Class 141 this train was one of 20 built in the early 1980s for services in West Yorkshire using components from the Leyland National bus, which explains why it is narrower than a conventional train.

Running in West Yorkshire Metro colours this train has been at the railway since 2003.

Privately owned

Class 108 – LO262

Typical of the first diesel suburban trains to run in the UK is this Class 108 which served all its life in Manchester and Chester.

Although around 4,500 such trains of various types were built only around 300 now survive.

Built at Derby works it is now 63 years old and has been in preservation for the last 29 years and with us at the Midland Railway for the last six years.

Privately owned

Class 100 (on show Butterley Yard)

This two-car set is the only surviving example of its type and was built by the Gloucester Carriage and Wagon Company.

Sold out of service in 1972 it has been on several railways but became badly corroded in the early 1990s. Since then, it has undergone substantial restoration, including a virtually new external shell. An interior refit is currently in progress

Owned by Llangollen Railcars

Class 142- 142013 – (under restoration )

Identical in most respects to 142011 except that this unit retains its original style interior.

Currently being restored to operational condition and hoped to be in service some time during 2024

Repaint in Progress

Privately owned