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Our Mission

Delivering an immersive railway experience

“The Midland Railway Trust’s mission is to enable people to explore the history of technological and social changes brought about by the Midland Railway Company (MR) and its successors, together with its links with communities and industry, and its relevance to the contemporary and future world, ensuring that our visitors are engaged, informed, entertained and educated by being immersed in railway culture.”

Based in Derby, the MR (1844 – 1923) was at the forefront of the development of railways in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  It was then incorporated into the London Midland and Scottish Railway, which subsequently became part of British Railways.  Derby continues to be a train building city, using the original site of the MR’s carriage works.

The Midland Railway Trust Ltd is registered as a charitable trust No. 502278.

The Midland Railway Trust’s vision for the next five years is to: “Create a stronger, vibrant working museum, which celebrates the Midland Railway and associated transport heritage, and educates and inspires future generations”