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Complete locomotives and components

Some locomotives in the Museum Collection are operated on service trains.  Others are stored on display or are undergoing overhauls.  In addition to complete locomotives the collection includes components, such as whistles, makers’ plates and safety valves, and a vast collection of images.

Midland Railway 4-2-2 Locomotive painting by David Weston

Locomotive No. 673 is preserved in the National Collection and this painting shows it heading an express train from the early 1920’s.

This painting was commissioned for the Midland Railway Trust by the first Chairman of the Trust, John Twells MBE.


LMS 3F built 1926 by the North British Locomotive Co. in Glasgow

An 0-6-0T No. 16410 (later 7327 and 47327 in British Rail ownership).

One of three of this type of locomotive on loan from Derby Museums Trust and used on service trains at the Midland Railway – Butterley. The locomotive is shown in Midland Railway livery.

The other two locomotives are No. 16440 (7357,47357) and No. 16528 (7445,47445).

[DMT:1970-257] and [DMT:1970-258, DMT:1970-256]

Salter Safety Valve

The Midland Railway used this type of safety valve on the boilers of its locomotives in the 1800’s. Usually used in pairs they can still be seen on preserved engines such as the National Railway Museum’s MR 158A.


Smokebox Number Plate for “Lickey Banker”, 1948

The Lickey Banker was a unique 0-10-0 locomotive built by the Midland Railway at Derby in 1919 and originally numbered 2290 (later 22290) before becoming 58100 when in British Railways ownership.

This number plate was rescued when the engine was scrapped in September 1957. Also know as “Big Bertha” or “Big Emma”, the locomotive worked all of its life as a banking engine to assist trains, from the rear, up the fearsome 1 in 38 Lickey Incline in Worcestershire.

Photo: MRT/Jarvis Collection 30/1/1948


Photo Album recording the Building of M R No. 2290, 1919

Using official photographs, each stage of the construction of this unique 0-10-0 locomotive at Derby Locomotive Works was recorded. The front pages shows a diagram of the principle dimensions and the locomotive in grey “photographic livery”


Stanton No. 24 0-4-0 Crane Tank, 1925

Built by Barclay’s in Kilmarnock, this engine spent all of its working life at Stanton & Staveley’s Riddings Works, close to the eastern terminus of the present Midland Railway Trust’s line. It was purchased privately, before transfer to the Trust and did much useful work in the early days of the Midland Railway – Butterley.

This locomotive is one of a number in the Collection that worked on industrial sites and collieries linked directly to the Midland Railway’s network.

[RPYMR: 1988.7]

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