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Travel by Train

Everything from passenger timetables to carriages

The Midland Railway built an enviable reputation for the quality of carriages and the comforts it lavished on its passengers. It not only offered timetabled services but also special excursions. Hotels were built alongside stations at major destinations, and catering services were provided throughout the network.

Passenger Service Timetable, 1st January 1859

An early example of the published Working Timetable for all of the Midland Railway’s passenger train services.


Midland Railway Third Class Coach No. 78, about 1866

This 4 wheeled coach was built in the Derby Locomotive and Carriage Works and is the oldest surviving coach from the Midland Railway. It was built with simple wooden bench seats and a “roof rack” for luggage. Its body survived built into a small bungalow, but was recovered and restored at the Midland Railway – Butterley.

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Midland Railway Third Class Brake Coach No. 253 built in Derby in 1884

This 6 wheeled coach has three full width passenger compartments and a section for the Guard and goods or luggage. Its wheels feature solid wooden centres rather than metal. This makes the ride more comfortable and quieter.

This coach survived at Shotton Steel Works out on the marshes as an occasional cabin for use by duck shooters, before being restored at he Midland Railway – Butterley.

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Midland Railway Third Class Party Saloon, 1890

Built in the Derby Carriage Works this 6 wheeled coach would have been used for excursions and private hire.

The main saloon had four large upholstered seats under the windows either side of the central door, seating up to 28 people. It also featured a lavatory and a luggage compartment.

Its body survived as a changing room in a garden in Solihull. Restoration took place both off-site and at the Midland Railway – Butterley.


Commercial Traveller’s Pass, 1900

Complete with his photograph (not shown), this pass No. 8036, allowed Mr Wilkinson to travel home to Birmingham at weekends.

[RPYMR: 2010.5]

Excursion Leaflet using Midland Railway Train(s), 10th August 1910

The advertised Excursions to Blackpool were organised by Heanor Baptist Sunday School and would have used Midland Railway services. Passengers departed very early in the morning from stations local to Heanor, including, Butterley Station.


Third Class Ticket (Date unreadable)

This ticket was for travel on the London, Tilbury and Southend (LT&S) section of the the MR. The LT&S Railway was acquired by the Midland Railway in 1912 and, apart from a few “boat trains”, offered mainly suburban commuter services.


Royal Train Special Operating Notice, 12th August 1912

This was issued to all relevant staff giving details of the service and any special instructions beyond the normal rule book.

This notice is particularly important as it is for one of the first services that King George V undertook using the new MR Royal Carriage No. 1910, which is also in the Collection.

Photo: Chris Deeth


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