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Working Life

Branded uniforms, tools and equipment

The Midland Railway was a major employer, with employees ranging from highly skilled to labourers.  It offered training, progression through grades and secure employment, and in return employees were expected to show pride in and loyalty to the Company.  It provided uniforms, tools and equipment, all of which were branded.

Midland Railway Guards Cap, pre-1923

Part of the uniform supplied to staff and showing the Midland Railway Wyvern crest and MR letters.


MR Rule Book, 1920 issue

Every employee involved with train operations was issued with Rule Books. They were expected to know the contents and how it applied to their job.

This particular copy belonged to J W Bramwell. Rule Books were updated and re-issued periodically to reflect changing operating practices.


Spirit Level, pre-1923

A simple brass topped wooden spirt level where the company ownership letters are stamped on the top.


Clothes Brush, pre 1923

Employees were expected to present themselves smartly when on duty.


Portrait of Mr. Grundy, Stationmaster

This colour re-touched photograph shows the high status with which Stationmasters were regarded and the pride they took in their position. It provides a clear image of the uniform.

In 1898 Mr Grundy was Stationmaster at Ambergate Station, an important triangular junction where the lines to Leeds and Manchester divided after leaving Derby.


Wall Clock, pre 1923

Clocks were found in offices, stations and signal boxes as accurate time-keeping was required across the whole Company.

[Support Collection]

MR Ink Well, pre 1923

Writing in ink in this period required the regular dipping of a nib into ink. Ink wells such as this would have been seen in every office across the network.


Personal Notebook, pre 1923

Notebook issued by the Company and used by a PW (track) worker to hold technical information about rails, points, etc.


Midland Railway Office Chair, pre 1923

An example of an office chair that would have been found throughout the Company. The back rail is carved with the initial M.

[RPYMR: 1994.14]

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