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“Securing the Future” Project Concluded

On 30th September 2018 the “Securing the Future” Project came to an official end.

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant in excess of £35,000 the Midland Railway – Butterley has been able to use the professional services of specialist Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants to review all aspects of its charitable, museum and business operations. Additional support of £1000 came from Derbyshire County Council and we are very grateful for the support offered by both organisations. Hundreds of volunteer hours have also added to make this project a success.

This “health check” has proved to be invaluable and has given key pointers for the future. Much of this is distinctly unglamorous when compared, for example, to a locomotive returning traffic after overhaul, but is essential to ensure a sustainable future. Importantly the project has made people think and given people a chance to have their say.

  • We have a renewed clarity in our vision to: “Create a stronger, vibrant working museum, which celebrates the Midland Railway and associated transport heritage, and educates and inspires future generations.”
  • The legal documentation which governs the Midland Railway Trust and its associated trading company Midland Railway Enterprises plc has been updated.
  • We have new and updated Policies and Procedures in place.
  • We have recruited a new Director to the MRE Board with Management Accounting experience.
  • We have a much better understanding of the implications of different business models and the impact on capital projects in the future, such as re-roofing the Matthew Kirtley Building.
  • Our management and committee structure is in the process of renewal.
  • We are drawing up new agreements with Affiliated Groups and Tenants.
  • We have achieved “Working Towards Museum Accreditation” status, which enables us to attract grant funding from other organisations, and are actively pursuing full Museum Accreditation status.
  • We are planning to recruit an Events and Marketing Manager.
  • We have a detailed review of our retail offer which will provide a focus for developments.
  • We have a new detailed Forward Plan.

At the end of the day, we still have masses of things to do both behind the scenes and front of house, but “Securing the Future” has given us a massive boost. We know what we have to do and how to do it. All we need now is masses of volunteer time and plenty of money!

Thank you again to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Derbyshire County Council. We could not have done this without you.