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Privacy Policy

The Midland Railway Trust Ltd. is a company registered in England No.1097382 and as a charitable trust No. 502278. The Retail, Catering and Engineering operations are operated by the Midland Railway Enterprises plc, a subsidiary company of the Midland Railway Trust Ltd.

Our contact details are as follows:

What information do we collect about you and why?

During your visit to Midland Railway-Butterley, or to our web-site, you may be asked to provide personal information in the following circumstances:

  • When you register as a member.
  • When you buy a travel ticket on entry and agree to gift aid.
  • When you make an online booking or purchase.
  • When you make a booking for an event, or purchase a future booking, gift voucher, VIP visit or “Footplate Experience” visit.
  • When you make a Group booking, e.g. school visit, or a corporate ticket purchase.
  • When you make an enquiry or ask a question and ask for someone to contact you.
  • When you agree to join an electronic newsletter list.
  • When you donate an object or archive material to the museum, or make a monetary donation.
  • When you receive first aid or emergency assistance.

The information we might ask you to provide may include:

  • Your name, title, gender and date of birth.
  • Your postal address, postcode and email address.
  • Your telephone number(s.)
  • Bank card or other payment details if appropriate

What we do with your information?

We only use the information for the purpose it is given and nothing else. It is retained for only the minimum period of time appropriate to the circumstance. This is set out in the Data Retention Policy, which can be found at the end of this document.
You can opt out of any or all of our communications at any point simply by contacting us at:
Midland Railway Trust Ltd, Butterley Station, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3QZ

Specific areas we may ask for your personal data and why

Membership: There are some communications that we are required to send regardless of your contact preferences. These are essential communications, deemed necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. This would include membership benefits such as membership cards and “The Wyvern” magazine, renewal reminders, Direct Debit confirmations and advanced notices and queries regarding returned mail or rejected Direct Debit payments.

Gift Aid: in order to make a claim to HMRC we need to ask for your name, address and post-code, and whether or not you are a UK tax payer (you cannot gift aid if you are not a UK tax-payer).

Bookings and orders: When making online bookings for tickets or other events, or online purchases of shop items, gift cards, advance tickets, group bookings or corporate event bookings, it may be necessary to ask you for your personal details such as email or postal address to complete the transaction. This data is only used for that transaction and nothing else.

Enquiries, questions and complaints: You can talk to us verbally and ask us questions. You do not have to give us any personal information. If you would like a follow up or for someone to contact you we will ask for your preferred contact details. We normally respond in the same manner as we receive the question/query/complaint, unless otherwise requested.

Electronic Newsletter: We may produce a regular e-newsletter or magazine to be sent by email to those who give express permission to receive it. We will not send you this newsletter if not requested. We will not use your contact details collected for another purpose (e.g. gift aid) to send you this e-newsletter.

Donations: If you wish to donate a physical object, archive material, photographs or similar information, we will ask for basic contact details and ultimately a signature on an ‘entry’ form, which acts as your receipt. We may ask for additional details about the object or archive item, such as where did you acquire it, or what you can remember about it. If you are donating cash (for example a collection box) there is no obligation to provide any personal details, though gift-aid forms are available. Cheque and other donations for either specific campaigns or general donations will be thanked and acknowledged if requested, but will not be made public unless expressly negotiated and discussed.

Medical: As part of your training for a safety critical operating grade you will be assessed for medical fitness, or be asked to complete a self-assessment form. This procedure will be reviewed periodically. The information you provide will only be handled by approved and appropriate medical personnel. These records will never be made public and are retain securely.

First-Aid and emergencies: We hope you have a trouble free visit, but if in the unfortunate circumstances you need emergency assistance, or if you experience an incident that needs reporting on Health and Safety grounds, we may ask for some personal contact details. If so, these are used for that purpose only, for example to contact you again for insurance purposes or to discuss an event or incident. Incidents may be discussed at H&S management meetings but with personal data removed.

CCTV Recording: The Midland Railway Trust Ltd. makes use of CCTV recording in a number of buildings and access points for the purposes of crime prevention. These images are stored locally to each system and are reviewed only on an as required basis. Copies of the files are supplied to the statutory authorities as requested in the event of an incident.

Contractors: Midland Railway Trust Ltd. routinely purchases and contracts services and goods from external providers and manufacturers. If you are a supplier of goods and services we will use and maintain any contact details which may contain personal details securely and for the sole purpose of executing the terms of the contract. We will not share these details with anyone else.

Who we might share your information with

We do not share or sell your personal data that may be collected as part of your visit (or your business contract) to any other person, or organisation, or museum (with the exception of what we are required to do in regard to Gift Aid and HMRC).

Controlling information about you

When you fill in a form or provide your details on our website, you will see one or more tick boxes allowing you to:

  • Opt-in to receive marketing communications form us by email, telephone, text message or post.

If you have agreed that we can use your information for marketing purposes, you can change your mind easily, via one of these methods:

  • Sign in to our website and change your opt-out settings.
  • Send an email to
  • Write to us at Midland Railway Trust Ltd, Butterley Station, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3QZ.

Any personal information we hold about you is stored and processed in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

How we keep information secure

We have implemented physical security procedures, rules and IT technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from:

  • Unauthorised access.
  • Improper use or disclosure.
  • Unauthorised modification.

All of our employees and authorised volunteers who have access to, and are associated with, the processing of personal data, are legally obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

How can I access the information about me?

You can ask us if we are keeping any personal data about you and you can also request to receive a copy of that personal data – this is called a Subject Access request.
Applications of this nature should be made in writing to:
Midland Railway Trust Ltd, Butterley Station, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3QZ
Please try to be as clear as possible about the information you are seeking.


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Changes to our privacy policy

We regularly review our privacy policy and may make changes from time to time. This privacy policy was last changed on 13th July 2018.

How to contact us

If you have any comments on our privacy notice, or on information we hold about you, please write to Midland Railway Trust Ltd, Butterley Station, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3QZ

Data Retention Policy

We will only keep personal information for the minimum period it is necessary to do so.

Membership: We will only keep your personal details for the duration of your period of membership.

Monetary donations: Correspondence relating to donations is retained for six years from the end of the financial year in which the transaction was made. Any related gift-aid information is retained for seven years. Any legacy/bequest, transacted by Will, Probate or Intestate via a solicitor or relatives is retained for six years after the estate has been wound up. For specific fundraising campaigns we will keep lists of donors (and the amount) for the duration of the campaign (unless donated anonymously) for the purposes of tracking the total and to invite those donors to appropriate opening/launch events. You may opt out from receiving such invites.

Donations of objects and archive items: Under current museum documentation procedures and regulations we are obligated to retain basic donor information (name and address) indefinitely. Other details such as telephone numbers or email addresses may be retained with the donor’s permission. Otherwise data retention is the same as enquiries and questions above.

Gift Aid: We are obliged to keep gift-aid records for seven years.

Bookings and shop orders: We will keep details of the transaction or purchase for one year.

Enquiries, questions and complaints: Once we have responded, your original query will be deleted (for emails) or shredded (for letters) after one year, unless it is part of an on-going complaint procedure. Complaint resolutions and associated communications will be kept for one year.

Electronic Newsletter: Your email address will be retained for that purpose until such time as you request that you no longer wish to receive it. We also have to retain evidence that you gave us permission to receive the newsletter, i.e. an email asking us or a comment card requesting the same.

Medical: Your records will be retained for forty (40) years in line with current legal requirements, in case there is any need to review them at a later date should such need arise.

First-Aid and emergencies: First-aid treatment forms and/or any associated incident report forms will be kept indefinitely (we must retain insurance records for three years after the settlement of any claim).

CCTV: Images are removed automatically after two months.

Contractors: We are obliged to keep copies of invoices and payment records for seven years under current accounting rules.

Other Important Documentation

Our Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the following key documents relating to our website, your usage as a visitor or as a representative of Midland Railway Trust: WEBSITE USAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, WEBSITE DISCLAIMER, COPYRIGHT NOTICE and any similar documents that may be provided from time to time.