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Steam Locomotives

Historic steam locomotives

ID NumberCompanyClassYearCurrent Status
158A 2-4-0MR1866 On loan to Barrow Hill roundhouse for static display
47327/16410 0-6-0TLMSClass 3F1926Awaiting overhaul
47357/16440 0-6-0TLMSClass 3F1926Nearing completion to operational condition
47445/16528 0-6-0TLMSClass 3F1927Restoration in progress
47564/16647 0-6-0TLMSClass 3F1928Only the frames remain
73129 4-6-0BRClass 5MT1956Caprotti, Awaiting overhaul
53809 2-8-0S&DJRClass 7F1925Out on hire
80080 2-6-4TBRClass 4MT1954Out on hire
80098 2-6-4TBRClass 4MT1954Overhaul in progress
46233 4-6-2LMSClass 8P1938Duchess of Sutherland, under repair
46203 4-6-2LMSClass 8P1935Princess Margaret Rose, Awaiting overhaul