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Class 4MT

Main Line Steam - Class 4MT


BR  CLASS  4MT 80098

80098 was built at BR’s Brighton Works and entered service in 1954, initially allocated to Plaistow mpd (33A) where she was used on the commuter lines into London Fenchurch St. When the line was electrified in 1962 80098 was transferred to Shrewsbury (84G) after a short period in store at Old Oak Common.

From Shrewsbury she was moved to Machynlleth (89C) for work on local passenger and freight services. Withdrawn form service in July 1965 and moved to Woodham Bros. at Barry. 80098 was bought for preservation in 1980 and moved to ‘Peak Rail’ at Matlock where restoration started. In 1983 the partly restored loco was moved to the Midland Railway- Butterley.

80098 was finally brought back to life in August 1998, 33 years after leaving service with BR.

Status: Non Operational

BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80080

80080 as with sister 80098 was built at British Railways Brighton works in 1954. Initially allocated to Plaistow mpd (33A) for use on the Tilbury & Southend Line commuter services into London Fenchurch St. When the line was electrified in 1962, 80080 was moved to Croes Newydd (84J) for work on the rural North Wales lines. She was withdrawn from traffic in July 1965 and sold to Woodham Bros. in January 1966. 80080 was purchased for restoration in 1980 and moved to Matlock. In 1983 she was moved to the Midland Railway – Butterley for restoration, completed in 1987. The restoration was filmed by the BBC for the programme ‘Blue Peter’. She was passed for mainline running and clocked up 37000 miles until being retired in December 1997. The recent overhaul has been completed, she re-entered operational service on the 6th November 2010.

Status: Operational (On hire to East Lancs Railway)


  • Tractive effort: 25,100lbs
  • Cylinders: 2 (outside – 18” x 28” stroke)
  • Driving wheels: 5ft 8ins.
  • Boiler pressure: 225psi
  • Total weight: 86tons 13cwt
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