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Class 5MT

Main Line Steam - Class 5MT


BR 5MT 4-6-0 73129 ‘Caprotti’

BR Standard Class 5MT 73129 was built at Derby Loco Works in 1956, entering revenue earning service at Shrewsbury (84G). She was part of the last batch of 30 5MTs to be built, which were fitted with Caprotti valve gear (rotary rather than sliding valves) of which 73129 is the only survivor.

73129 remained at Shrewsbury until 1958 when she was moved to Patricoft (26F) mpd near Manchester, where she remained until withdrawal from service in December 1967 and was sold to Woodham Bros. for scrap. 73129 was bought for potential display and restoration in 1972 by Derby Corporation. No serious restoration work was carried out until late 1994.

Ten years later she was back to full working condition hauling trains at the Midland Railway – Butterley. This locomotive is owned by Derby City Museums and Art Gallery and long term lease to the Midland Railway Trust.

Status: Operational


  • Tractive effort: 26120lbs
  • Cylinders: 2 (outside – 19” x 28”stroke)
  • Driving Wheels: 6ft 2ins
  • Boiler pressure: 225 psi
  • Valve Gear: ‘Caprotti’
  • Total weight: Loco 76tons 0cwt
  • Number Built: 30 Caprotti valved (Class Total 172)
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