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Golden Valley Light Railway

Narrow gauge line operated by the Golden Valley Light Railway

The Narrow Gauge line is operated by the Golden Valley Light Railway. Trains run on most weekends and school holidays from April until October. The journey runs through the Country Park to a terminus which overlooks the restored canal basin and the entrance to Butterley Tunnel on the Cromford Canal.

You can use this line to explore the Country Park or simply enjoy a trip on this unusual train. Stock for this project has been collected from a variety of sources including local collieries, brick works, with some vehicles from as far away as Poland.

Prices To Ride On The GVLR

AdultChild (5 years and over) /Under 5’s freeFamily (2A and 3C)
Dogs 50p and must be kept under close restraint at all times when on board the train.

When trains are steam hauled

Steam engines are dirty and hot to touch, and have exposed moving parts, so

Please keep well clear of the steam engine.

Steam engines unavoidably emit smoke, dirty water and sparks.  Those who choose to ride behind steam engines on the GVLR are deemed to accept the associated risks

Access to Swanwick Junction

Access to Swanwick Junction without a train ride is possible during times that trains are running. The embankment top footpath from Butterley to Swanwick Junction is too degraded currently and has been closed. There is no public parking at Swanwick Junction or on its approach roads, but access on foot is possible when the inner gates are open.

If starting from Butterley station, walk up coach road to where the footpath to the Swanwick Junction gates cuts across the field, then around the back of the farm / ex colliery, then up through the lower former car park. This is not much further than the cutting top route alongside the railway. From Golden Valley camp site one can either walk up through the country park and then the former car park or direct up the narrow lane and around the back of the farm / ex colliery. A number of public footpaths approach the GVLR public footpath crossing from the North side of the standard gauge, please see the OS maps that are accessible via Bing maps.

Historical note: This 2 foot gauge line operates on the track bed of the Butterley Works plateway which was built to carry goods to the canal at Ironville.

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