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Train Guards

The Midland Railway-Butterley is actively looking for volunteers who wish to train as Train Guards.

The Train Guard is a crucial role at the railway with the primary aim being observing Health & Safety rules and regulations for the protection of the public. The Guard is responsible for the safety of the train and its passengers at all times.

To qualify for the role you will need to be medically assessed prior to training and the role requires study and in order to pass relevant exams.
Upon successful training and the passing of exams you will join a small team of dedicated staff.

The Guard is also a customer facing and active role and will suit someone who is reliable and has good attention to detail.

You will be expected to provide a high level of customer service and deliver travel information, a feeling of safety and security in a friendly manner.

Guards are also required to check equipment, cleanliness and general environment of trains and take action by correcting or reporting any faults promptly through the appropriate channels. Guards also maintain performance records during the day’s activities and are an essential part of the railway.

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